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Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality (xR+) solutions custom designed with you.

What we do

For over 20 years our founders have helped organizations develop and integrate augmented, mixed and virtual reality (xR+) technologies into solutions for customer engagement, employee productivity, education and training. Dodeca Studios helps organizations navigate the complexities of integrating xR+ into their operations. Our extensive expertise on the technologies, designing user experiences and integration with existing IT infrastructure helps our partners reduce the risks associated with exploring and developing with these new technologies.

xR+ Consulting

Discover what augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality (xR) can do for you.


We work alongside your team to develop a strategy for integration of xR+ technologies. Most organizations have little to no experience leveraging xR+ capabilities which include new ways to visualize information, interact with the real world, and perform tasks. Our team has over 20 years experience working with organizations to develop strategies for how these technologies can be deployed to meet the needs of customers and employees.


We reduce risk and lower lifecycle costs by providing full-service design and development services. We can fully develop independently or will work alongside your team to implement strategic solutions that are custom designed for your needs and work within your existing IT infrastructure. Quality assurance and usability testing are critical components of our work ensuring the solutions developed solve critical organizational priorities.


Once developed, our team supports implementation and collects data on the impact of the solutions. Each project is different and organizations need different levels of support. We customize the plan around what works best for your organization. In general, there are three levels of implementation support: installation of the software, gathering data on impact, and training of employees on how to effectively use the new solution.


Transform how you do business forever

The future is 3D, spatial and contextual. xR technologies–augmented, mixed and virtual reality–work alongside IoT, AI, big data, robotics, other emerging technologies, and existing IT tools to transform the way people work and learn. xR+ ("plus") effective integration with these other technologies is what makes implementation so powerful. We take the best of your current technology and enhance it with these revolutionary capabilities.

xR+ provides competitive advantages through transformation of work, increased engagement, improved situational awareness, increased collaboration and proven effectiveness for teaching and learning.

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Discover what xR+ can do for you